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Ruthie Hays -These guys found me from my site and sent me an email wanting to hook up. they don't know each other at all.It just so happined that they both wanted to meet the same day so I rented a room and told the first one to come over at about 11 am and the other one to come over at 3 pm. I had already fucked one of my regular guys earlier that morning so I was all ready for these guys. You know me one cock just gets me primed and ready to go. the first guy fucked me for a few minutes and couldn't hold it any longer so I had him pull it out and cum in my mouth . that was tasty!

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Ruthie Hays - I hook up with guys in parks, cheap motels, the back seat of cars or anywhere else they want to fuck me. no pre get to know each other meetings and no condoms!--This next set with me and a black guy I hooked up with. I found him on adultfriendfinder. If your ever there look for sluttywifeDSM, thats me. Of course you guys don't have to go there . If you want to fuck me you can find me right here on my message boards. Anyway we had never met before so We met at a lounge and had a few drinks first. I even sucked his cock in the lounge bathroom but Jim didn't get any pics of that. We thought it might look a little funny 3 of us in the bathroom with camera flashes going off. On the way back to his place I also sucked him in the hotel hallway. We got pics of that for you guys. Once we got to his room he went to work on my pussy right away. He really knew what he was doing down there!!. Then he pushed his big bare black cock in my pussy and shoved it all the way in. It felt so good! He gave me two loads of cum one in my mouth and then I guess he wasn't done yet so he gave me another one in my pussy. ! I hope I'll be seeing him again.

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Ruthie Hays -"I love gangbangs, and I love meeting my members for a good time. You may find yourself in my site sometime ! I'm just a really slutty wife that loves sex. This next guy who found my site and emailed me. He lived about 50 miles from Des Moines and wanted to watch a photo shoot real bad so one Saturday Jim and I drove up to meet him. He let me get naked and Jim took pics of me all over the house. Of course I couldn't leave there without giving him what he really wanted. I always like to make my fans happy so I started sucking his cock in the living room. Then he fucked me and pulled his cock out when he was getting ready to cum and shot it in my mouth. After that we took some more pics and had fun with his golf balls in the garage. When we went back in the house he wanted to fuck again but just when he got his cock in my pussy his sister walked in and caught us. It was pretty funny! He forgot to lock his door. Bet he'll lock it next time."
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